Solar PV Benefits Methods

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Installing solar panels to provide microgeneration of electricity through photovoltaic cells has benefits to householders, factory and office owners, schools, colleges, local authorities...............not to mention the effect on carbon emissions and the preservation of global natural resources.

Investing in solar energy is therefore not just about the monetary benefits, but the cultural and climate benefits; the sun has existed for over 500 million years and is likely to be still in existence 500 million years from now, so why not harness some of the almost limitless energy it provides.

The recently introduced feed in tariffs for solar PV, are guaranteed by Government for 25 years at current rates. They are index linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) so can go up with inflation but cannot reduce, once the installation has been completed and notified to the appropriate energy provider.

There are 3 main methods of funding the purchase of a typical solar panel installation.

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Buy Outright Increase Mortgage Solar Loan
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