Commercial Solar PV Solutions

Claydon Microgeneration provides a comprehensive service to design, supply and install photovoltaic systems into existing businesses, and work with Commercial Developers, Housing Developers and Clients to install solar photovoltaic systems into new and existing buildings.

Commercial Solar PV Installation

Solar PV Installation and Feed in Tariffs

We also support organisations developing larger scale, solar Feed-in tariff projects throughout the UK, under the incentive scheme for installing photovoltaic systems called The Clean Energy Cashback.

Working alongside Energy or Facilities Managers, Sustainability Consultants and Specifiers, we provide planning guidance, technical design, solar installation and project support to help meet The Code for Sustainable Homes, carbon reduction and corporate social responsibility targets.

Solar Panels for Business

Intergrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) can generate electricity from incorporation into curtain wall systems, glazed canopies, glass brise soleil, balconies, rooflights and more.

With no moving parts and therefore virtually maintenance free, photovoltaic systems provide one of the simplest, most reliable and cost effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions and future-proof businesses against rising energy costs. Solar is a proven and predictable technology, which provides a visual statement of corporate responsibility and has been proven to attract tenants, encourage wider energy savings and improve employee retention

Property Values

Once installed, the revenue from the solar panels is guaranteed for 25 years and very predictable in terms of output. It is therefore very easy to calculate likely returns over a given period and, when you come to sell your property, an increase in value can easily be justified by the income potential, not to mention the free electricity.

Boost your Pension

Many people these days approach retirement with a pension fund which enables them to draw down a lump sum amount for immediate use. If you were to invest some of this cash into a Solar PV installation at your property, your return on investment could be between 11 and 15% per annum (dependent on individual circumstances) guaranteed for 25 years and index linked. So much better than the paltry interest rates given by other investments, and far safer than hiding the cash under the mattress!

Save on Bills with solar energy

Become more energy self-sufficient and protect yourself against ever-increasing electricity prices by producing your own.

Feed In Tariffs Explained

See how feed in tariffs are calculated and how this can not only make you greener, but can also generate money for you.

Benefits of Solar PV Installation

Look at the benefits of having solar panels installed and find the right purchase option for you.