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Our Technical Data Files in PDF Format

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Solar PV Feed In Tariffs

Feed in Tariffs Explained - PDF file download - 65kb

A feed-in tariff system is designed as an incentive for energy producers to move away from conventional fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

The Theory of Solar PV

The Theory of Solar PV - PDF file download - 29kb

A photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel is a packaged interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. The photovoltaic module, known more commonly as the solar panel, is then used as a component in a larger photovoltaic system to offer electricity for commercial and residential applications.

Solar PV Solutions

Solar PV Solutions - PDF file download - 50kb

The Government has committed the UK to reduce carbon emissions by 20% by the year 2020; almost half of these emissions are generated by our buildings, so by investing in this technology now we are not only ‘doing our bit’ to help, we are taking advantage of the generous feed in tariffs which started in April 2010 and are fixed at current levels for 25 years.

Solar PV Solutions

Solar PV Benefits - PDF file download - 58kb

Installing solar panels to provide microgeneration of electricity through photovoltaic cells has benefits to householders, factory and office owners, schools, colleges, local authorities...............not to mention the effect on carbon emissions and the preservation of global natural resources.

Solar PV Technical Files

All of the above files in one PDF file downloadable files - 147kb

If you would like all the above files use this download.

Save on Bills with solar energy

Become more energy self-sufficient and protect yourself against ever-increasing electricity prices by producing your own.

Feed In Tariffs Explained

See how feed in tariffs are calculated and how this can not only make you greener, but can also generate money for you.

Benefits of Solar PV Installation

Look at the benefits of having solar panels installed and find the right purchase option for you.