Specialists in solar panel and structural glazing products


Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems

We specialise in providing professional advice on feed in tariffs (FITs), solar products and mounting systems, to enable homeowners, commercial and public sector clients alike to capitalise on the unlimited solar energy provided by the sun.


Structural Glazing Systems

Structural Glazing Systems

We specialize in providing a complete design, development & installation package of bolted structural glazing products including supporting architectural steelwork, automatic & revolving doors, canopies etc. for all types of commercial & industrial and home applications throught the UK.

Generating Green Energy

Generating green electricity through solar pv (photovoltaic) panels, Specialist Glass SystemsLtd is an established solar pv installations company based in Pitstone, Bedfordshire. We carry out pv panel installations throughout The Midlands, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and most of Southern England.

Solar Panel Installation

Save on Bills with solar energy

Become more energy self-sufficient and protect yourself against ever-increasing electricity prices by producing your own.

Feed In Tariffs Explained

See how feed in tariffs are calculated and how this can not only make you greener, but can also generate money for you.

Benefits of Solar PV Installation

Look at the benefits of having solar panels installed and find the right purchase option for you.